Who we are?

Gulistoni Dushanbe CJSC is a vertically integrated full cycle textile company that specializes in manufacturing high quality products.

Gulistoni Dushanbe CJSC belongs to the sphere of production of consumer goods and according to the classification of branches of national economy belongs to the light industry. The establishment of  Gulistoni Dushanbe CJSC was dictated by the need to provide wide employment to the population of the newly created capital of the republic – Dushanbe city and neighbouring districts.

Our capabilities

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Innovation and technologies

Industry 4.0 is a manufacturing revolution that will be applied at Gulistoni Dushanbe CJSC and will have a positive impact on productivity, driving industrial growth and maintaining a strong reputation. Investing in the most advanced technology ensures that we can produce higher quality products, while having a Kaizen method of working in our team ensures continuous innovation.

Натуральный хлопок

Натуральные волокна, выращивают в экологически чистой среде без использования химических веществ — гербицидов, инсектицидов и фунгицидов. Такой метод культивирования способствует получению абсолютно гипоаллергенной ткани.


The materials we use, regardless of the type, have the following characteristics: air permeability, allowing the skin to breathe, and some retain heat; high strength of the material, which is difficult to tear by hand.

Natural dyes

The use of natural indigo-fera dye contributes to sustainable colouring of garments, which has no harmful effects on human skin.

Our equipment

Our quality and certificat

Our factory is certified by the international body TÜV Thüringen and fulfils the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 and the quality management system. In addition to these, we also have ECOTEX certificates.

Our company, on request, can provide the necessary quality certificate for the customer’s country, helping him to win the trust of his consumers.

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